12/27/2017 – It is finished! I took my last step in God’s 1,500-mile challenge for HOPE worldwide! 1,500 miles were walked and $1,525 was raised! Thank you, God, for this journey and the numerous walkers you sent my way to complete this task. Thank you, Julia, Claudia, Beth, Diana, Karrie, Laura, Polly, Teijuania, Linda, Tracey,… Continue reading

12/24/2017 – Christmas Eve. It is the first time I have ever walked at the NAT on Sunday.  Normally I am worshiping at church with the family of believers.  Tonight, we have an evening Candlelight Service.  Therefore, I am able to walk early in the morning.  So, I did – 4.12 speed miles with God!… Continue reading

12/23/2017 – This is week five of Bataan training – the once a week, long walk.  God gave me the perfect relay team!  For this 12-mile walk inside the Natatorium, I sent out an invite to my walking friends to walk parts of the miles with me.  Three responded as available.  On the day of… Continue reading

12/22/2017 – This entry is made with mix emotions.  I was planning to walk four miles early in the morning.  However, God, compelled me to pray through my prayer journal instead and stay home.  I also planned to walk with Linda later in the afternoon.  I was hoping for four miles with her to make… Continue reading

12/21/2017 – It is the first day of winter. My plan was to get up and do a quick four miles before picking up my grandson.  Somehow, I didn’t get out of the house soon enough.  Three quick miles were walked at the Warrensville Recreation Center.  I decided I would walk some more at the… Continue reading

12/19/2017 – 6.14 miles were walked indoors with Julia Mason at the Warrensville Recreation Center early in the afternoon.  If we had walked later in the day we might have walked outside since it rose to 51 degrees in the late afternoon.  Oh well, God had a better plan so the full 6.14 miles could… Continue reading

12/18/2017 –  Another great day for two walks – both indoors.  The temperatures rose to 41 degrees today, but it was rainy.  A great deal of the snow is melting.  Tomorrow it is forecast to be in the 40’s also.  This morning I walked six miles in the Warrensville Recreation Center.  In the late afternoon… Continue reading