12/27/2017 – It is finished! I took my last step in God’s 1,500-mile challenge for HOPE worldwide! 1,500 miles were walked and $1,550 was raised! Thank you, God, for this journey and the numerous walkers you sent my way to complete this task. Thank you, Julia, Claudia, Beth, Diana, Karrie, Laura, Polly, Teijuania, Linda, Tracey, Rita, Danny, Kristy, Katia, Nataliya, Barbara, Kevin, Sarah, Debra, Jpro, TriciaLynn, Jennifer, Elaine, Torri, and Michele. With all of you the walk was a fun and memorable adventure. Thank you for the time you spent with me for 12 months and 1,500 miles!


12/25/2017 – Happy birthday, Jesus, from the Fitzgeralds. 3.27 miles walked for you. 9.5 miles left to go!


12/23/2017 – This is my support team. As I walked 12 miles, my relay team walked with me. The first four miles I walked alone, Diana walked three miles and Claudia walked the last five miles with me. God set up the perfect times of their arrival. We didn’t plan it this way. Thank you, God, for your perfect timing and support.


12/02/2017 – Last race of the year – Get Fit! 10K with Michele and Polly.  Michele and I shattered our personal best race times.


11/24/2017 – Virtual Gobble Til You Wobble 10K with Beth, Diana and Claudia


11/11/2017 – 3-Day Susan G. Komen Cupcake walk.  Kevin, me, Michele, Debra, Sarah and Polly. – 4.02 miles.


11/05/2017 – Hot Chocolate 5K with the Posse – Me, Polly, Diana, Julia (kneeling), Michele, Beth, Claudia, Diana.  Loads of fun!


10/23/2017 – Cross functional 3.78 miles to remove leaves from yard.


10/14/2017 – 11.04 miles walked with Polly and Michele.


10/05/2017 – 5.09 miles was hiked on the Bell Rock Trail, Sedona, AZ.

Bell 4.JPG

09/30/2017 – Claudia and I walked 4.11 miles across three bridges, two rivers and through three cities in Ohio and Kentucky before we attended the Ohio Valley Rally.


09/23/2017 – Bucket list Akron Marathon relay done!  Did leg 2 for 6.12 miles.  Here is pictured four of our five team members – me, Diana, Beth and Beth.


09/16/2017 – Fifth marathon done – 26.42 miles walked at the Air Force Marathon.


09/09/2017 – Celebrating five years of walking.  Polly, Michel and I met June 16, 2012 on our first training to walk 60 miles in three days!  We rode train to Akron, walked 3.28 miles round trip to Spaghetti Warehouse and had lunch with Diana and Karrie.


08/12/2017 – 10.09 miles roundtrip walked with Polly and Michele to Brandywine Falls.


08/11/2017 – Rita and I explored the new end of the Towpath in Tremont – 4.04 miles.


08/05/2017 – Today many of my 3-Day Susan Komen peeps are walking Day 2 of 60 miles in Detroit, Michigan.  Today Michele and I walked 14.03 miles while they walked 22 miles.  Go 3-Day Walkers Go!


07/31/2017 – 6.01 miles walked with Rita. 875 miles goal to catch up achieved today!  Actual year to date – 876.76!


07/22/2017 – God brought the rains so His glory can be seen inside 12.25 miles walked! 796.69 miles walked in 2017!


07/20/2017 – Two walks (3.7 miles and 3.64 miles with Rita).  With Rita the less than 100 miles to 875 was hit – only 98.56 miles left by July 31!  Go God Go!


07/10/2017 – 5.29 miles walked inside with God while it rained outside.  700.52 miles walked to date.  174.48 miles needed to hit 875-mile mark by July 31.  God, let’s do this!


07/08/2017 – 15 miles walked with Polly.


06/21/2017 – First day of Summer eight-mile walk with Michele and Polly.


06/14/2017 – Impromptu two-mile walk with Diana in walking sandals, skirt, purse and jewelry.  There is always time for a walk!


05/21/2017 – 11.11 miles walked during Rite Aid weekend.  Walked two races and earned three medals for the Rite Aid Challenge (one for each race and one for completion of the two races).


04/30/2017 – Finished another half marathon with a new friend, Tricia.


04/28/2017 – My cloudy day came!  Walked 4.02 miles in this cemetery.  It has no shade anywhere.  Finally got a chance to mark it with my Garmin!


04/26/2017 – Teijuania and I walked 6.4 miles.  Last week before the flood, our bridge was here. Now it is gone – washed away!  Now we are going to have to change our walking plan in this park in order to get in our eight miles.


04/02/2017 – 13.24 miles of a half marathon walked alone with God.  Diana and Beth walked a five miler.  Great races for all!


04/01/2017 – 6.3 miles of a 10K walked with Jackie in New Philadelphia.


03/28/2017 – Impromptu walk with Diana, Karrie and Claudia for 3.38 miles.


03/26/2017 – First Spring date hike of the year with Danny. 


03/11/2017 – My first race of the season – three weeks earlier than planned, thanks to Diana.  Thanks God for the unexpected St. Patrick’s Trail Race in your nature with Diana, Beth and Claudia.


02/25/2017 – Walked indoors with three of my walking buddies:  Julia, Claudia and Polly. It was cold outside!


02/24/2017 – Three miles walked with Linda.


02/20/2017 – God blessed me with another two walks in one day – 8.04 miles in day with Teijuania and 3.59 miles late night prayer walk with Julia.

16864232_10154161255041861_4490193275488972653_n 16797114_10154161970651861_7821469386413763699_o

02/18/2017 – Two walks in one day – 7.05 miles with Polly and 2.24 miles with Sonia.


1/22/2017 – Three Cleveland sign quest on our Sunday date.  2.50 miles walked.


1/7/2017 – Walked six miles with my pink 3-Day peeps today in a mall


First 5.02 miles hiked for 2017 on January 1st.  Thanks God for the beautiful day in your nature!



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