Donation Comments

Feel free to leave comments of encouragement or advise.  If you want to indicate how much you are compelled to give for this cause please leave that here also.  Thank you for being God’s light for others to see. 

Donations received: $1,550.00 

Thank you to the following donors:

  1.  B. Cole
  2.  K. Greenwood
  3.  B. Nelson
  4.  G. and S. Qua
  5.  R. Miller
  6.  L. Brown
  7.  J. and R. Farley
  8.  S. Yi
  9.  D. Taylor
  10.  C. and P. Deming
  11.  D. and W. Rucker
  12.   J. Taylor
  13.   J. Tolbert
  14.   S. Connor
  15.   R. Murdock
  16.   B. Furganson
  17.   W. and L. Pannell
  18.   C. McGee
  19.   C. Dixon
  20.   S. Hicks
  21.   B. Tucker
  22.   C. Roke
  23.   Peggy
  24.   J. Taylor
  25.   K. Binder
  26.   D. Wheat
  27.   K. Abboud
  28.   I. Walker
  29.   L. Taylor
  30.   P. Johnson
  31.   C. Thompson
  32.   K. Baldwin
  33.   L. Walter
  34.   J. Headley
  35.  M. Dawson

©2017-2021 Juel A. Fitzgerald





2 thoughts on “Donation Comments

    1. Wow! Thank you for your pledge of 15 cents a mile. 1,200 is my goal; I am praying for more miles walked for Him! Thank you for this mornings encouragement! I need to go walk.


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